Tuesday, 6 August 2013

AudioCd. Week 7.

This week report will be short:
  • issue with wrong wav-file I've reported last week was fixed
  • I also did some improvements in code which works with MemoryMeta. 
I also reviewed AudioCdCollection bugs. It is hard to keep track on fixed bugs, because I can't close fixed one in bugzilla. So I'll list bugs here and shall update this post:

Bug id Title Status
210101 Wrong encoding detection of japanese CDs
301149 Amarok crashes when editing tags of a track from a removed CD fixed
311329 Better user feedback in Amarok when transcoding from CD is not working due to lame not being installed fixed
279188 Launching amarok with --cdplay doesn't add the CD to playlist fixed
279485 Amarok trusts CDDB too much, bad audio CD info => cannot play fixed
289294 Amarok recognises data track as audio for mixed audio cd's fixed
290216 Amarok doesn't detect that Audio CD is inserted on Windows
305733 On starting amarok existing entry in playlist which is cd track has missing info fixed
319036 Audio Cd collection doesn't disappear from Collection View when CD is ejected from outside amarok fixed
320356 Amarok does not play CDs if those are selected through the Menu option "Add Media..."
320388 CDs with foreign characters in cddb info not displayed correctly
Amarok freeze up if CD is removed during playback of a track from it fixed


  1. You shouldn't mark bugs as "fixed" unless your changes are in the "master" branch of the repository. But I think it would be nice if you leave comments to these bugs at Bugzilla so that no one starts digging into already fixed bugs again.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh, get your point wrong initially. Yes it might be a good idea.

  2. Just curious, why can't you close bugs on bugzilla?

    1. Because they are fixed in a branch from my personal gsoc. I'll be able to close them on bugzilla, when I merge this new changes to master branch of the main repository.

    2. Instead of "branch from my personal gsoc" should be "branch from my personal clone"

  3. Ah, I see -- that is inconvenient. Can you maybe use the fixed-in field, i.e. close the bugs and enter your branch name in fixed-in?