Tuesday, 30 July 2013

AudioCD. Week 6.

During last week I worked with MemoryMeta framework, metadata fetching and transcoding. Nothing very interesting in [MemoryMeta framework/metadata fetching], I just cleaned up the code.

Transcoding with Paranoia.

I've looked around libcdio and discovered that there is a library which allows to read data from CD in a platform independent way. So, I've started working with it during last week and I think it is good alternative for kio-audiocd. Current workflow looks like this (it definitely not a final version, but just prototype for testing): copying of track or bunch of tracks is prepared by standard Amarok transcoding framework, AudioCDCollectionLocation reimplements onlt getKIOCopyableUrls: for each track it starts new job where track is ripped to temporary wav file, when every copy-job is finished information about new tracks temporary locations goes again to standard transcoding framework.

The reason why I repeated word "standard"  quite few times is that if transcoding is done with help of kio-audiocd then AudioCDCollection uses its own implementation of transcoding process. For now there is significant bug in this prototype: resulting wav file isn't correct. Using imagination you can hear the desired melody, but it is obviously not enough ;) 

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