Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer with Amarok

My name is Tatiana Gornak, I'm PhD student of Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

In this blog I will share information about my Google Summer of Code project "Audio СD collection refactoring", which is a part of Amarok (if you still not aware of it Amarok is great music player).

The reason why this project come to life is that the code that handles Audio CD playback uses deprecated technologies, suffers from bugs that affect important functionality, so it should be revised and rewritten.

More info about current state of art will come soon!


  1. Hi !

    I'm an Amarok (and KDE) fan!!
    So I want to say a big THANKS !! for your work for the community!!

    I'll saty tunned!

  2. Nice to see someone cares about CD collectors ;)

    Do we possible see albums to include information of how many CD is there without trying to force player to input different album name when album has multiple CD?

    I mean when I rip a album with 2-4 CD I can have:

    "Band A > Album Y > CD 1 > songs"
    "Band A > Album Y > CD 2 > songs"
    "Band A > Album Y > CD 3 > songs"

    instead the current one what is:

    "Band A > Album Y (1) > Songs"
    "Band A > Album Y (2) > Songs"
    "Band A > Album Y (3) > Songs"

    As that is one thing what is keeping me away from Amarok when dealing with albums as it is just stupid that when I buy a album with multiple CD in it, I am forced to invent new album names for each disk.

    1. I think I don't understand the problem. When you copy CD to Local Collection you can change destination name in a very comfort way. Just substitute "Album Y (1)" with "Album Y/CD 1". See "Character replacement" field on this picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/melandory/9090806723/.